About Us

Sight Concern Worcestershire is the only charity dedicated to improving the lives of people with sight loss across Worcestershire.

Our Vision is a world where blind and partially sighted people have the confidence to reach their full potential and the opportunity to play an active role in society.

Our Mission is to support blind and partially sighted people to lead independent and fulfilling lives.

We have been successfully supporting people with sight loss for over 130 years.

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So many people are terrified when they walk through our door.  They have lost their sight; how are they going to cope with every day essential tasks, choosing clothes, making a cup of tea, getting from A to B.

I am sure none of them thought they that would soon be enjoying new hobbies such as Tai Chi, golf or creating fabulous pieces of art, never mind running marathons, walking on fire or skydiving!  But they can and do.

So how do we do it?

We start by listening to people’s fears, we let them ask questions and if we don’t know the answers we go and find them. We show them all the practical things that can help them on a day to day basis.

But most importantly we introduce them to other people with sight loss, people who have been in that dark and terrifying place, people who understand what it’s like to feel frightened, to stop believing in yourself.

And we give these people the opportunities to learn from one another

o          Suddenly they are not the only person going through this

o          They have learnt a simple tip, like how to get their toothpaste on the toothbrush

o          They have discovered a piece of equipment that helps them make a cup of tea on their own

o         They find out that computers can talk to them or they can enlarge the words to a size they can see

o          They hear other people with sight loss laughing, joking, having fun

And slowly and gradually we help people to take the brave steps required to try new things, develop their confidence and create a new life for themselves.