Digital Technology

Not sure what digital technology is all about?

Want to understand or explore a bit more about technology?

Struggling with your own equipment?

There are many ways in which technology can help blind and partially sighted people be more independent. We are here to support people to understand and learn how to use new and potentially life-changing technology, computers, the internet or mobile phones, GPS and orientation aids, voice activated systems and more. We are here to help to make technology work for you!

One to One Technology Support

 We offer telephone support and face to face appointments either in your local community or at your home. We can show you how a few simple changes, such as enlarging the text, adjusting the resolution, choosing a different colour or using speech software can help you to use your computer in the way that you want.

We can help you to explore the accessibility features on your iPad, phone, Google mini or Alexa. We can also help you to find out more about useful apps or equipment or with any other questions that you may have.We can troubleshoot if a piece of equipment has gone wrong. We might not be able to fix this but we will use our knowledge and contacts to find a solution to offer you.

Digital Technology Workshops

We run digital technology workshops around the county. We demonstrate pieces of digital equipment or apps that are popular for people with sight loss. You will also have the opportunity to chat to other attendees about what the find useful and share tips.


There are many pieces of equipment available to help with carrying out day to day tasks. If you wish support to purchase items or equipment our Advice and Support Officers can visit you at home, to provide advice of what is available and to help you purchase items. They can also help set up simple items of equipment.

We have some equipment on display at the Bradbury Centre, but these items are for demonstration and are not for sale. We can put you in touch with suppliers to buy direct. If you wish to visit our equipment resource room, please make an appointment. Our staff are part time and we want to make sure that we have someone available who has the right level of training to assist you. Please contact us if you’d like to find out more.

Sensory Impairment Team

In some cases, you may be eligible for free aids and equipment via Worcestershire County Councils Sensory Impairment Team.

The Sensory Impairment Service provides free rehabilitation training, helping you learn/relearn and manage everyday tasks such as cooking and cleaning; learning skills to get around with greater safety and independence; learn skills if you are a new parent and generally helping you manage your daily life with greater independence.

If you have a diagnosed sight loss and need support coping, Specialist workers from the Sensory Impairment Service will work with you to identify suitable advice, information, communication methods, voluntary services, equipment communication methods including using a computer, apps for phones and support that will promote your independence and well being.

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