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No-one should face sight loss alone. Whether you are newly diagnosed with sight loss or have been affected by sight loss for some time, we provide tailor-made help and support.

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We also provide advice for your family, friends and professionals so they are included and can support you in the best possible way too.

People get in touch with us by phone, by email, by dropping into our centre or when a GP or optician refers you to us.  We’ll usually respond by meeting up with you and your family or carer, if you’d like them to be included. We start by listening to your fears and we encourage you to ask us loads of questions. If we don’t know the answers straight away, we’ll go and find them for you. Then we’ll show you all the practical things that can help on a day to day basis.

But most importantly we introduce you to many other people with sight loss. These are local people who have already been in that dark and terrifying place, people who understand what it’s like to feel frightened and to stop believing in yourself. We give you the opportunities to learn from one another. Some of the things you’ll share could be:

  • Realising that you are not the only person going through this
  • Day to day tips like how to get your toothpaste on the toothbrush
  • Discovering a piece of equipment that helps you make a cup of tea on your own
  • Finding out how computers can talk to you or how to enlarge the words to a size you can see
  • Laughing, joking, and having fun with other people with sight loss just like you.

And slowly and gradually we help you to take the brave steps required to try new things, regain your confidence and create a new life for yourself.

We understand that coping with sight loss alone is very difficult but doing it with our expert support makes it achievable. If you are facing sight loss, or know someone who is, then please contact us by phone or 01905 723 245 or by email.


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