On Thursday 27th June, 2019, Worcestershire is going Bright for Sight for National Sunglasses Day. So take your Shades to Work or School, wear your loudest top, brightest socks or tie. You could even add tutus, garlands and sunhats!!!

It’s easy to get everyone at your workplace or school involved and support a brighter future for local blind and partially sighted people

 Checklist for your Bright for Sight Sunglasses Day:

  • Decide what you’re doing on the day to turn Worcestershire Go Bright for Sight. You could collect donations from staff for Dressing Bright for Sight and wearing their Shades and/or hold a Bake Sale or Raffle. What suits your workplace or school?
  • Order your Free resources with Bright for Sight sunglasses, garland and tutu! Email project.support@sightconcern.co.uk with your address or call 01905 723245
  • Share the event- put up posters, post on social media. Download your Bright for Sight Poster and Bunting below.
  • Email your staff to let them know what’s happening- we have a template email for you. Send a reminder email a week before the event.
  • Take lots of photos on the day and share them on social media with us #NationalSunglassesDay and #SunglassesSelfie #Worcestershirehour
  • Involve your customers by asking them to make a donation. The money you raise is going to help Sight Concern Worcestershire to support a brighter future for local blind and partially sighted people
  • Have a bit of fun and discover which style of sunglasses suits your personality best! https://www.allaboutvision.com/sunglasses/quiz-personality.htm
  • Funds raised can be paid into Virgin Money Giving or cheques sent by post to Sight Concern Worcestershire at: The Bradbury Centre, 2 Sansome Walk, Worcester WR1 1LH.

This picture is of brightly coloured buntingPoster template_draft

Top 5 Tips to remember about UV Eye Protection:

  1. Since UV protection is crucial to shielding eyes from damaging radiation, it is important to look for a label, sticker or tag indicating UV protection before purchasing a pair of sunglasses.
  2. UV protection has nothing to do with the darkness or color of a lens. Wearing sunglasses with dark lenses without adequate UV protection can actually be worse than wearing no sunglasses at all because they cause the eye’s pupil to dilate, which then increases retinal exposure to the unfiltered UV.
  3. Children receive three times the annual sun exposure of adults, increasing their susceptibility to UV eye damage. And, unlike the mature ocular lens of an adult eye, a child’s immature lens cannot filter out UV as easily. Parents should always have their children‘s sunglasses tested for UV protection.
  4. UV rays are just as dangerous on cloudy days as they are on clear days, so be sure to wear proper eye and skin protection while outside.
  5. Similar to cloudy days, cold days also carry UV risk. The sun is present year-round, which means UV rays are a constant regardless of weather. UV rays can’t be seen, but their long-term effects are extremely damaging to the eyes.


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