All of us at Sight Concern Worcestershire are delighted that Lizzie Tovey and her guide Clare Weaver will be running the Half Marathon for us at the Worcester City Run on Sunday the 15th of September. Lizzie only started running early in 2018 and is making huge progress as you will see below

“At the beginning of 2018, I started my couch to 5k journey and on the 28 April 2018 I ran my very first 5k Park Run with my guide Corin Elliott! I’m severely sight impaired and began losing my sight in my thirties, I suffered from glaucoma and cataracts. Further complications caused the loss of most of my sight.

Losing so much of my sight really knocked my confidence. I had to change my job and started working from home which after a while left me isolated and depressed. I needed to do something, and thought some form of exercise would be the key. I wanted to get more active in the fresh air so I decided upon running. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to run alone – I’d need the help of a guide runner. After searching for almost a year and a half, I read a piece about getting active in this magazine. I contacted Sight Concern and they were able to put me in touch with Corin.

We decided on a couch to 5K plan as a starting point. On that first run I thought – ‘Oh My Goodness I can’t do this! We persevered, we followed the programme and I quickly got bitten by the running bug, I can now run for 5K without stopping! Although I can only run outdoors with a guide, it’s amazing the difference running has made to my mental health and my sense of independence. I have now taken part in our local Park Run and have been introduced to a whole new circle of friends.

Corin, my present guide Clare and I want to inspire others with a visual impairment to feel brave enough to run with a guide. We also want to encourage experienced runners to volunteer to become a guide runner. With this aim in mind, Clare and I are going to run for Sight Concern Worcestershire in the Half Marathon”.

Lizzie and Clare after their first Park Run

Lizzie and Corin after their first Park Run