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Victoria’s Going Bright for Sight

Victoria Merrett, a well-known Optometrist and owner of Actons Opticians in the centre of Worcester, is having her hair dyed to raise money for Sight Concern.

“I’m well-known for changing my hair colour on a regular basis”, says Victoria, “So I thought this time I’d do it for a bit of fun and for a cause close to my heart”.  She added, “I had a look at the samples book of colours with my hairdresser, Jack Hogan from Aphrodite, and I’ve decided to go with purple, orange, pine green and sky blue”.

Anyone wishing to support Victoria simply chooses one of the colours and makes a donation to the charity.  Whichever colour raises the most sponsorship by 18th March “wins” and that’s the colour which will adorn Victoria’s head for another few weeks.  “If nothing else, you won’t be able to miss me”, she added.

You can vote for your chosen colour and make a donation by visiting  or by dropping in or posting them to Actons Opticians, 10 Cornmarket, Worcester WRI 2DR.

Thanks to Mike Henley for the photograph.

Victoria's Go Bright for Sight Hair Do

Victoria’s Go Bright for Sight Hair Do