How We Can Help

One of our volunteer drivers, Jed, arrives at the Bradbury Centre with Jill

People receive help and support from us in a variety ways.

Coming to terms with sight loss can be a difficult process for anyone, both practically and emotionally.

People who have been visually impaired for many years still require support with certain tasks or when they face life changes.

These pages will tell you a little bit more about the ways in which we can help people adapt to sight loss, keep active and live independent lives in their community.

We run regular Skills for Sight Loss courses.

We campaign on a range of local issues affecting people with sight loss and represent the views of people at key health and social care meetings and committees. If you have faced problems accessing services as a result of your sight loss talk to us and we will see how we can help you campaign for better services in the future.

We also promote awareness of eye health within the wider community because we want to make sure that no-one has to experience avoidable sight loss. For more information about prevention of avoidable sight loss please see our ‘Eye Information’ section


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